Monday, September 8, 2008

How the Hell Do I Get Rid of These Tokens?

With our travels on the Kanc and our culinary endeavors behind us, we now headed south along 16. We picked up 25, and, finally, turned onto 3. Our goal was not home, however. Oh no. We were headed for Funspot, recognized by Guiness as the World's Largest Arcade.

This fantastic arcade, featured prominently in the documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, is really a great place to lose a couple of hours. We were able to get coupons from their website that essentially gave us $10.00 of extra tokens when we purchased $20.00 worth of tokens. So, each of us armed with $30.00 worth of tokens, we explored.

They have a lot of the things you expect to see at an arcade...up to date games, lots of pinball (the Otter likes it...I'm not such a fan any more), skee ball, a prize counter, etc. Where this place shines for me, however, is their classic arcade game floor. Donkey Kong? Of course. Along with Pacman (and its various variants), Dragon's Lair, Major Havoc, Popeye, Burgertime, Joust (1 and 2), and much, much more.

I was thrilled to see that Space Ace was giving away free games, and I played it a few times, recalling my more cubby days when my friends and I pumped endless quarters into it at a local bowling alley. Eventually I realized that it was getting late; if I didn't start spending tokens, I'd have a hell of a time getting rid of them before the end of the night.

I played some trivia games, a few games of Mappy, QBert, Dig Dug, and others. Finally, I decided to go for something for my tokens, and I went after various prize-games. After accumulating over 300 tickets, I cashed in and got myself a FunSpot mug. At least it was useful for holding the tokens we DIDN'T manage to spend before the place closed.

All in all, our trip to New Hampshire reminded me that there's a lot MORe to do in New Hampshire. We may have to go back there very soon.

- The Happy Bear

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