Friday, October 17, 2008

FurFright, Friday Evening

Well, we set out later than expected, the door ajar light of the Bearmobile had issues, and the food from Burger King wasn't the best...but we arrived at FurFright without any major problems. We checked into our hotels at the Holiday Inn Waterbury, and we immediately started meeting old friends.

The Holiday Inn Waterbury is a very clean, comfortable hotel. The rooms have been recently renovated, and they have free wireless internet (hence all this blogging tonight). they've also recently added the CoCo Key Indoor Waterpark. We intend to avail ourselves of some wet and wild fun, no puns intended.

We have, of course, been chatting about New Zealand with a number of folks already, and we sat in the hotel restaurant. We had some buffalo chicken wings, which were very nice and a very reasonable price for the amount. They serve Diet Pepsi instead of Diet Coke (A victory for me). Some folks at our table had their Carrot Cake and Chocolate Cake and pronounced them both excellent.

Oh...a quick but important note. If you're still coming, make sure you bring some cash. The ATM at the hotel has a bad habit of running out of money at inopportune times, and the con's registration may only be accepting cash if their machines are down.

I'm sure I'll be at The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday night, but, otherwise, I'll be catching up with friends, exploring the con features, and, of course, having some of the local cuisine. I remember two restaurants in the area being excellent, and we'll test these ideas over the Con.

Goodnight for now, good readers.

- The Happy Bear

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