Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Anonimity? Nah.

So, it may be obvious by now that some of you know who I am...or it may not. I'm now officially bored by maintaining this odd semianonimity that I started the site with. Hi, I'm Andy...though I'll still sign these posts The Happy Bear.

Why did I decide to go anonymous? Not sure. I guess I wanted to let the blog fly without attachments to previous projects of mine and to let the Happy Bear be something of a character unto himself. But I figure I might as well be me.

So I'm the Happy Bear. My husband Steve is The Other Half, and my friend Jay is The Otter. I'll probably keep referring to Jay as The Otter...but I'll let Steve just be the Roo. And I'll stay the Happy Bear. So it's all good. It just frees me up to talk about a lot of different things I might have stayed constrained on for fear of "blowing my cover", however tenuous it might have been.

- The Happy Bear

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