Monday, August 18, 2008

The Bear Prognosticates...

Hey, all. So, the Happy Bear is making an important life-style choice. In order to reduce the massiveness of my big bear belly, I am eating more sensibly and exercising. By no means does this mean that I'll be stopping my restaurant comments...but they may come less frequently, and they might be more about how to eat well at such places without destroying your belt. I'm very excited about this shift, and I've lost 5 lbs in my first week, so I'm feeling really good.

The Bear Squad is going on the road this weekend. We'll be heading to New York to hook up with some friends, catch a Broadway Show (we have tickets to Wicked), play tourists, and catch some great meals (we have reservations for Babbo Ristorante and Ninja New York. You can expect some great reviews from that.

In September, we're really going on the road, to tour New Zealand with Overseas Adventure Travel. I'm sure you'll see some crazy reviews from that trip...y'know...for when you're in New Zealand.

You can expect more book, movie, food, and event reviews in the weeks and months to come. The Bear is here to stay.

- The Happy (and soon to be Healthy) Bear

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