Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Over 50 Flavors...Move Over Baskin-Robbins

So, according to some stuff I've heard, folks in Massachusetts consume more ice cream per year than the rest of the country combined. That could be a load of marsh gas for all I know, but I do know that the Bay State has itself some mighty fine ice cream flavors. What's my favorite? Well, at the moment, it's actually the Salt Caramel at Jeni's Ice Creams in Columbus, OH. This flavor is absolutely incredible, and I guarantee that, any time I'm in Columbus, I'll be heading to Jeni's.

But when I get ice cream locally, here in the wilds of New England, my favorite flavor (predictably enough) is Maine Black Bear. Raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate covered rapsberry truffles. MmmmMMMM!

Now, where does one find such tasty ice cream? Well, one could do worse than to get one's shaggy behind over to any place that sells Richardson's Ice Cream. This stuff has apparently been kicking around since 1695. Although there's only two official Richardson's locales - the original dairy farm in Middleton, MA and at Jordan's Furniture in Reading, MA - you can now find Richardson's ice cream popping up all over, such as at River Bend in Dover, NH, and Twisted Sister in Provincetown, MA.

Take a look around...see if you can find some Richardson's ice cream near you. If not...then you have my sympathy.

- The Happy Bear


theome said...

So I came upon this blog by way of K-9's art page. However, it's good to see that even people not from the Ohio area are raving about Jeni's Ice Cream. I lived there for the last 5 years and regret to have to say that I'm moving away from there for graduate school. Still, Jeni's and Denise's in Columbus are two of the best ice cream places in the country. Then again, I'm slightly biased. :)

The Happy Bear said...

Well, there's good ice cream wherever y'go, but damn that Salt Caramel is good!

teko said...

Ya know, Jeni's also make something called Gravel Road. It's the Salt Caramel icecream with ground-up almonds added to it. For variety!